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1-on-1 private session

Each private session in a trustworthy environment is designed to invest in personal growth and transformation in a modified routine for the individual. Experience a tailored practice to gain confidence, address goals and interests and enjoy the benefits. You will work with personalized instructions based on your health, lifestyle, career, stress and body type. The sessions are filled with open and truthful conversations and how to effortlessly live in balance. How to stay grounded and how to apply yoga tools into your daily life.


A private session is also possible with two or four attendees. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.


Group classes with Andreas Trussat @ ATY
As preparation we start seated, focus on posture, core, breath and set an intention, with a guided meditation, Pranayama, chanting and the energy of the week. We practice variations of Ashtanga yoga, partner yoga en core training. All classes end with Shavasana (final relaxation pose) and Namasté.


Yin Yoga with Andreas Trussat @ Akasha Wellbeing
Interested to relax, restore and de-stress? Andreas classes are for anyone who is seeking to learn, deepen awareness and benefit from the practice of Yin yoga. You will experience a variety of mainly seated postures. To be Yin is to be still and observant. It is less about doing, more about being, unwind and letting go. Enjoy a more meditative approach to balance emotionally, mentally, physically and cultivate awareness for inner silence. Postures are held three to five minutes, while the muscles are relaxed so that the connective tissue and fascia in the body is stimulated. Expand the mobility of joints and ligaments and feel stretched and strengthened. Stillness of the body leads to quieting of the breath. A commitment to link the breath unforced towards a balanced sense of ease. The essence is acceptance and no matter what urges arise in the mind or sensations in the body, remain still. Inward-drawn attention teaches us how to heal and fully inhabit ourselves, developing an attitude of attentiveness and kindness within us. Energy goes where our attention goes and the taste of it is delicious.


Vinyasa Flow Advanced with Andreas Trussat 
Vinyasa Flow Advanced is an energetic, dynamic and graceful yoga class, in which movement is synchronized to the breath. There is no fixed form of asana’s and sequences vary from gentle, fluid to powerful, originated from the Ashtanga lineage. Next to plié, plank and twists you will adore your core. The class is set to music, connecting to rhythms and will rock your world.