Welcome to “Graceful Movement”, a true eye opener and life changing class by Andreas Trussat.

Andreas shares tips&tricks from his years of experience as a catwalk model, dancer, choreographer, fitness star, dance-, thai chi-, barre & yoga teacher, powerfully refined.


In his class grace means beauty in form, with different movement qualities from


– Meditation
– Thai Chi
– Yoga
– Barre Training
– Core Training
– Roller, Balls & Resistance Training
– Walk Training


This is your invitation to stand tall, to move smoothly and having control over your body. Guaranteed the best results to be more centered, to have confidence and to practice courtesy. “Graceful Movement” has nothing to do with weight, it’s all in how you carry it.



Andreas Trussat:

For me personally “Graceful Movement” is about energy & poise and how to look, feel and move gracefully. The process starts with physical goals, improving inner and outer flexibility and deepen spiritual goals. That priceless connection to live in truth, gratitude and bring consciousness into all levels of our daily life.


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